Round 12 -- Winter '11
Theme: #Winning

Nomination Period:
December 19 - January 2
Nominees Posted On:
January 6
Voting Period:
January 9 - January 23
Winners Announced:
January 30

These dates are tentative and are subject to change.


Welcome to Some Kind of Wonderful Romance Awards! We are an original romance awards site, particularly geared towards FictionPress romance writers. We have awardings during the winter and the summer (click here for more information). We have many additional features on the site geared towards aiding the aspiring author. Our goal? To bring depth and fun to an otherwise patronized genre.

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6 February 2012

Here it is, the inevitable update. I'll spare you the details and simply state the facts. It seems I am incapable of running the round while the school year is ongoing. I wish I could say that Summer Round will definitely happen, too, but I don't want to make any more promises that I don't know if I can keep or not. As of right now, SKoW will be on indefinite hiatus.

Thank you for your infinite support and interest. I hope we can meet again soon. :)

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